The adverse effects of homework have given rise to a series of debates on whether it should be banned or not in schools. Students would be glad to see their worst nightmare down the drain. Although homework has incredible positive sides, a lot of students and parents have expressed their grievances over its harmful effects. A lot of questions are ongoing as to why parents are also on the opposite side of homework which they grew up doing themselves. Some ask; is it that they did not find it beneficial? Most students would pick vacations, partying, football and many other activities over homework. These are not bad, but should it be traded for homework, the supposed path of developmental training?

The following are reasons why homework should not stop:

  • 'No place like home' is a famous saying but is unarguably relevant when it comes to the assignment. Children would mostly perform well in an environment they are comfortable. Firstly, students can efficiently work at their own pace without pressure from their teacher and can take breaks intermittently. They will trust themselves more, and not their peers for answers.
  • Homework has been a significant connection between teachers and their students. Teachers can effectively understand student’s ability via homework and help them tailor their career path in that direction. With assignments, teachers can keep motivating their students to do better and never give up.
  • Students mostly love to be praised by their teachers in the presence of their colleagues. Homework serves as a platform for students to build their presentation skills, which is vital for their development.
  • Homework also helps students to be independent and responsible. Teachers expect that their students would turn in homework as at when due. This is teaching students to be reliable and disciplined. Those who refuse to complete their homework may wrestle with the ability to discipline themselves later in life. Banning homework would rid students of this opportunity.
  • Homework serves as a means to study student’s performance; teachers can easily measure how far students are catching up with what they learn in class. If teachers only stick to what they can teach in the class as a measure of learning, they may not be right because some students forget what is taught in class before school is over, but with homework, teachers would be able to know the level of retention of their students.
  • Homework helps students to spend their time wisely. It helps to invest time that could go to waste doing irrelevant things like drug abuse.
  • Homework is a means through which parents can have active participation in their children's life. It is hard for students to forget how their parents were of help to them during homework sessions.
  • Banning homework might eradicate teamwork among students, who usually create teams to solve challenging assignments. Students may miss out on developing teamwork skill before entering the job market.
  • It also prepares students towards examinations and reduces pressure.